Wednesday, December 30, 2015

December ~ Part 1: Friends, Games, Elf and Life

December has been a busy month for our family!  I'll let the photos tell a bit about what we've done this month.

We girls switched rooms with Mom and Dad.  That was quite a process, but we enjoy our new room a lot!
 Jo's corner
Abby's corner
Abby has very good taste when it comes to interior decorating. :)
More of Abby's handiwork - this time in our bathroom.
One night we had some friends over for a very loud and fun time of playing games!
My favorite little baby girl: Haylie Kathryn. :) <3
Just look at that beautiful face!!
Adoring aunts
The cameraman himself.  And the new daddy.
The new mommy.  :)
Sleeping beauty
I love my little niece so much!
Auntie Jo

I think Haylie looks a little like her Auntie Jo. :)
Selfie time

Lookin' good there, Claudia! :) 
We girls stopped past Caleb and Claudia's before we headed to see Elf the musical with Joel and Christine and Christine's mom. 
Sister picture time!
Before our dinner and seeing the show.
All dressed up!
The Dallas skyline.  And the beautiful sunlight shed on the clouds.

Abby is still nannying - currently for two families.  She nannys a 7 month old and a 2 month old.

Jo and Jaden dissected the heart from the deer Jaden shot a few days before.
Future scientist ;)

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Haylie Kathryn Kautt ~

Well, now that she is over a month old, we are finally posting about her arrival here on our blog.  Caleb & Claudia welcomed Haylie Kathryn into this world on October 30, 2015, around 3:30 in the afternoon.  She weighed 6 lb. and 1 oz., and was 19 1/2 inches long.  She has beautiful blue eyes, and light brown/blond hair.  Mom and Dad are in love, as are Grandma Nena (Lili), Nan (Julia) and Grandpa Pop (David), and of course all of Haylie's aunts and uncles!  She is also the first great grandchild for Grandma Kautt (Faye), and the 6th (I think!) great grandchild of Poppy & Grams (Ron & Anna).

We can't get enough of her, and have enjoyed a couple of visits (which is way too few!) with her and C+C since she came home from the hospital.  Oh, and we've taken dozens - if not hundreds - of photos of her already.  We are very thankful that God has brought a beautiful, healthy and perfect little girl into the Kautt family!

Balloons for Claudia and Haylie Kathryn :)

In the waiting room, right before C+C go back to get ready for the C-section. (Not pictured, but present: David and Phoebe)
Our faces when we heard she was born!!  (I, Phoebe, was especially excited to go see Haylie, because I chose to wait to look at any pictures of her until I saw her in person. :) )
The proud Papa!  Caleb's face was glowing and he had the biggest smile! :D 
Caleb's not sure if he wants to give his baby girl away just yet... ;)
Auntie Jo <3
In love already! 
Aunt Phoebe - all I could do was smile... and say awwwwww... and say how cute she was!! 
Caleb is already a very good, gentle and protective daddy.  <3
All love!! 
Daddy's finger does the trick!  ;) 

My first selfie with Haylie 
Uncle Jaden

Auntie Abby
Just sitting at looking at her sweet face...
Adoring aunt and uncle

More waiting in the waiting room
Scrabble whilst waiting...  Even it knows I'm an aunt!  
Four generations of Kautts: Faye (Great-Grandma), David (Grandpa), Caleb (Daddy), and Haylie
Just look at her!! 
She getting big so fast!!
Thanksgiving 2015 (Saturday afterward) ~ first family photo with Haylie (out of the womb ;) )

We all are very thankful for this little bundle!! 
1 month old on November 30th!!! 
She's so adorable in that little dress <3