Thursday, February 12, 2015

Jo's Seventeenth Birthday

Jo's birthday was on the 5th, but we had the celebration the next day. It was a blast! :)

English Country Dancing (thanks to the help of Lydia N. and her sisters)
Jessie B.-- a friend from church

Mrs. Y. and Mrs. N. chat while some of the Y. boys play foosball

It was very cute-- Ava Y. and Zuriel N. had been chasing each other before this photo, and then they paused for some "refreshment". ;) They must have been playing quite vigorously! :) And I'm sure that Angie was giving them sage advice. ;) hehe

I don't usually go for fairy tales, but this photo (at least to me) screams Cinderella and Prince Charming! ;) 

Jo said it was quite intimidating having this crowd of spectators for her gift opening. :) 
Jo expresses her delight over one of Jaden's many lovely presents to her. 
Playing "Uno" after having danced for something like 4 1/2 hours and the opening of gifts. Jaden charms the ladies [and one guy]. ;) 

Pheebs, Jessie B., C+C and Dad chillax. :) I think Jessie was showing them photos from a recent trip of his.
Jo, with Catalina O. (whom we'd not seen in nearly a year) and her sweet friend, Grace. :) 

Over all, it was a splendid evening, spent with many kind friends (not all of whom are represented in this post).