Saturday, July 11, 2015

Caleb's Birthday!!!

Watching Claudia, his dear bride, coming down the aisle on Caleb + Claudia's wedding day 

10 and happy to be celebrating another year of life! 

Handsome and 13 

Grinning - 2010 

A candid capture from 2012 

With his lovely Claudia - 2014 

All the Kautt siblings - 2015 

Celebrating being 'Daddy' with Claudia and Baby K - 2015

Happy Birthday, Caleb!  You are such a blessing to your family, and even though we don't see you everyday, we think of you everyday and pray God's blessings on your life!

We love you always!

Dad + Mom
Abby, Phoebe, Jo and Jaden