Friday, May 8, 2015

April happenings

Three sisters 
Jaden wasn't sure how to react

Goofy family 
April began in the most glorious way, any month could - with the celebration of Jesus' resurrection from the grave!  It was a nice day, and we snapped a few pictures.  

Spinning cousins 

Jo and Zak being silly 

The three amigos 

Poppy sharing some of his wisdom and life experience

Easter afternoon, we traveled to Tyler to spend a few days with some of Mom's family, especially her sister Jennifer and her children, who were visiting from Ohio.  We spent a lot of time talking, playing card games, going on walks, playing with our young cousins, visiting the lovely ladies (our great aunts), and just generally catching up.  Jennifer and her family relocated to Ohio about a year ago.  Each time with get to see our Tyler family, we treasure every moment since we only go there a few times a year.  

Emily and Johanna have been friends for a number of years 
Emily and Jaden had fun playing legos together 
Jaden, Carson, and Johanna - three cuties

We had some long time friends come and visit us over a weekend in early April.  We hadn't seen them in a couple of years, so it was extra special.  They have a daughter who is close to Jaden's age, and they brought a little cousin along, so Jaden had two playmates, which he loved!

That's one muddy puddle 


Jo and Jaden wanted me to take pictures of them enjoying the muddy conditions after a significant period of rain.  Whenever we get any rain, our driveway floods.  The kids enjoyed playing in the muddy water.

April was a month full of rainy days.  In a three day period we got over 3 inches of rain, and that was pretty typical for the whole month.  We even had some minor flooding due to the heavy rain received.  Our garden has soaked it all up.

A field near our house after a recent storm 


Jaden and one of our cats 
Life is good.  We are all trying our best to be productive, and not just busy.  As we being a new month, we are looking forward to a full schedule this summer, but hope to continue to keep this blog updated, at least once a month or so.