Thursday, June 18, 2015

Happy Birthday, Dad / David!

Today is a special day at our house, as we celebrate the birthday of our husband and Dad, David.

We are so thankful to God for your servant leadership in our family, and at church.  You are a great example of God's patience, and faithful love to His people.  You have taught us how to truly love and care for others, to live frugally, to fix things with our hands, to work hard, and to give... no matter what.

You are such a wonderful man!  We are so blessed to call you our Love and Dad.  We love you so much, it is hard to describe because there are so many positive things about who you are, the list would be VERY long.

Here are just a few things we appreciate about you:

D- Dedicated - to loving others, your family, the church, God's word, Truth, the least of these
A- Affectionate, affable, amazing - you are affirming of your loved ones, daily, friendly to everyone, and a truly exceptional person
V- Vibrant, very patient and gracious - you have a certain energy to you that comes from God, and you tackle your work with a cheerful attitude, and your patience and gracious communication with everyone you interact with is a true example of Christ's love towards us
I- Incredibly knowledgeable about God's word, Scripture; you have memorized more of it than anyone else we know and you speak it over us on a regular basis
D- Dear to each of us, and so very loved

Happy Birthday, Dad / David!  We love you and pray you are especially blessed today!!!!!