Saturday, April 16, 2016

Big, Big, BIG news....

.... Clouds covered the skyscape. He prayed for sunshine. And just at the perfect time, the sun burst forth. He got down on one knee and she said yes.

Now we have another sister coming into the family-- Joel & Christine are ENGAGED!!! :)

Sunday, February 28, 2016

December - Part 2 (Finally!!)

Well, now that it's the end of February, I'm finally getting around to posting about the rest of December...

Jaden the day before he turned the big 1-3!  
And Jaden the day he turned 13. :)

We get to experience some really pretty moon rises, as well as sunrises and sunsets where we live. God's creation is beautiful! 

Christmas (part 1) was held at Caleb & Claudia's place.  We visited, ate a delicious meal, opened gifts and had some Haylie snuggle time. :) 
Grandpa Pop gets in on the action. ;) 

Uncle Jaden
Uncle Joel

Christine seemed to put her to sleep. :) 

Auntie Abigail ;) 

An adoring Pop

Christmas (part 2) was held Grandma's house later that afternoon/evening.  (Do you notice Dad's shirt in this picture?  It says, "Great Dads get promoted to Grandpa."  :D )

Grandma shows Claudia some old family photos.
The day after Christmas we had a small birthday party, which included a couple basketball games.

Directly after the games we sang happy birthday to Jaden, had some ice cream, and he opened a couple gifts.

He's all sweaty from playing basketball. :) 
The Sunday after Christmas we were back at home, and we opened the gifts we had for each other.  

Dad and his first born daughter. :) 

I really like this photo.  We're all genuinely smiling. :) 

I like this one, too. <3

A tale of two crazy sisters... :D