Saturday, October 10, 2015

A baby shower

As I hinted at in the last post, there was a baby shower thrown for Caleb + Claudia earlier this month, and we snapped quite a few pictures from this joyous event which we will share with you now.

Party attendees intently playing one of the fun games
(there were prizes to win so the competition was intense)

We can't wait for your arrival Haylie! 

Dear friends Lori + Julia converse during the shower 

The yummy and colorful contents of the refreshment table

More food 

Joel's girlfriend Christine made the cute sign 

Christine made the gorgeous butterfly cookies and Phoebe the cupcakes - both were delicious

The beaming Mommy + Daddy
C+C got a lot of beautiful things for baby Haylie.

She now has a stroller, car seat, pack n' play and baby bath, as well as some rockin' cute clothes and baby items.  Claudia's mom is hosting another baby shower for them this weekend, which means more nice things for baby. 

Yes it is!!

So the countdown has officially begun.  We are now close to 40 days until the due date.  Hard to believe that we are already this close to finally meeting the newest Kautt.  We already love her so much. 

Friday, October 9, 2015

An update

As you can tell, posting on our blog hasn't been anyone's priority of late.  In fact, we haven't posted in a really long time.  Which means that a long over-due update is in store.

We have had a FULL summer, and now that school is back in session, our life is "more regulated" (ha!) with school, household chores, Wednesday church, and the weekends.  Phoebe left her job as church secretary to find a different job.  Abby began working as a nanny 5 days a week, for a 3 month old, Jo is now in high school, and Jaden is an almost 8th grader.  Phoebe turned 20 at the end of August, Joel moved into his new place, Caleb and Claudia are getting more excited by the day as they await their daughter's arrival, and Mom and Dad continue to plug along doing what they do best.

In July, we girls had a fun opportunity, as one of our girl friend's got married, and we were the cinematographers.  We are go to film another wedding, of a local gal we are acquainted with through church.  As our experience grows, we hope so will the opportunities to film events.  And Labor Day weekend, we had another wedding we got to film.  Opportunities keep rolling in with little advertising output on our part; mostly word-of-mouth.

With the start of a new school year, is the beginning of a new semester for the youth at our church. Phoebe and I are "leaders" - we are doing the music again this year, along with Jo and another young lady from the youth group.  Phoebe and I had the opportunity to help renovate the youth room for the kids, along with Jessie and Adrean our two youth directors.  It was an awesome adventure, as we all are not experts, but we had fun in the process and created an amazing space for the youth to spend time in.

The first week of school, Abby began a new nanny job for the 3 month old baby boy of friends from church.  The job is 5 days a week, but is more of a joy than a job for her, since baby is such a cheerful little fella, waking up smiling and cooing and being pleasant most of the time.

Oklahoma sunrises and sunsets are the best, and since our house faces East, we get the full benefit of them each morning, right out our front windows.  This is a picture of a fall sunrise Abby snapped.

September brought a new batch of challenges, one of them being more kittens.  We haven't yet gotten our mama cat "fixed" which has been a blessing and a curse.  Jaden really enjoys the kittens, and has the feeding and watering duties.  All the kittens are cuties, but his favorite is the yellow one which he affectionately calls "Lion."

The last weekend in September, several of Grandma Kautt's grandchildren and their lovely spouses or girlfriends / boyfriends took her out to dinner to celebrate her birthday.  We girls had the privilege of getting to participate.  We were also down in Dallas to take our cousin Rachel and her fiance Paul's engagement pictures.  An eventful day. 

 There has been some major changes for our family which occurred in September... but more about that later.

A happy event ushered the month of October in - a baby shower for Caleb + Claudia's little girl.  It was a family affair, involving lots of creative minds to get all the food, decorations and games squared away.  Our cousin Jessica hosted the event, and it was a lovely and fun time together with family and friends.