Sunday, February 28, 2016

December - Part 2 (Finally!!)

Well, now that it's the end of February, I'm finally getting around to posting about the rest of December...

Jaden the day before he turned the big 1-3!  
And Jaden the day he turned 13. :)

We get to experience some really pretty moon rises, as well as sunrises and sunsets where we live. God's creation is beautiful! 

Christmas (part 1) was held at Caleb & Claudia's place.  We visited, ate a delicious meal, opened gifts and had some Haylie snuggle time. :) 
Grandpa Pop gets in on the action. ;) 

Uncle Jaden
Uncle Joel

Christine seemed to put her to sleep. :) 

Auntie Abigail ;) 

An adoring Pop

Christmas (part 2) was held Grandma's house later that afternoon/evening.  (Do you notice Dad's shirt in this picture?  It says, "Great Dads get promoted to Grandpa."  :D )

Grandma shows Claudia some old family photos.
The day after Christmas we had a small birthday party, which included a couple basketball games.

Directly after the games we sang happy birthday to Jaden, had some ice cream, and he opened a couple gifts.

He's all sweaty from playing basketball. :) 
The Sunday after Christmas we were back at home, and we opened the gifts we had for each other.  

Dad and his first born daughter. :) 

I really like this photo.  We're all genuinely smiling. :) 

I like this one, too. <3

A tale of two crazy sisters... :D

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