Saturday, October 10, 2015

A baby shower

As I hinted at in the last post, there was a baby shower thrown for Caleb + Claudia earlier this month, and we snapped quite a few pictures from this joyous event which we will share with you now.

Party attendees intently playing one of the fun games
(there were prizes to win so the competition was intense)

We can't wait for your arrival Haylie! 

Dear friends Lori + Julia converse during the shower 

The yummy and colorful contents of the refreshment table

More food 

Joel's girlfriend Christine made the cute sign 

Christine made the gorgeous butterfly cookies and Phoebe the cupcakes - both were delicious

The beaming Mommy + Daddy
C+C got a lot of beautiful things for baby Haylie.

She now has a stroller, car seat, pack n' play and baby bath, as well as some rockin' cute clothes and baby items.  Claudia's mom is hosting another baby shower for them this weekend, which means more nice things for baby. 

Yes it is!!

So the countdown has officially begun.  We are now close to 40 days until the due date.  Hard to believe that we are already this close to finally meeting the newest Kautt.  We already love her so much. 

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